shapeless midnight


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welcome back to hong kong

perpetual homecomings never quite hitting that slow reprise in televised riots and reckless transgressions. everyday's the same except when it rains, then it finally cools down for once and all the lights out ripple in the waves of runoff down the bus window and it actually looks kinda nice. when we went shopping together in mong kok, we saw this little diorama of these tenement buildings inside of this glass case and you had these little figurines of people putting up food stands, riding their bikes or walking or waiting for the buses which always looked like it was just arriving. maybe this is the city everyone thought of when they talk about those old days i guess. you know, the kind you came back here for. dunno why you did, but hey, you're here now i guess. maybe those figurines look up and the lights on the glass are like little stars or maybe they'd think of us walking past like thinking of people in dramas happening outside of them.

what do we have here...