resurface! our regrets!


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how did this go again...

had this been the past, would i have seen this subrub like this with all the people moving away. it just seemed that today everyone was still just graduated and they were still sorta in the area, like, we'd see them at a no frills somewhere and was like, hey you remember when we had classes together? i guess the only thing that remained was the suck. you know, classes sucked, gotta go to work at a cash register somewhere and look at the parking lots where some high school students are at the curbs of a mcdonald's. at least it's spring and we get to see some thing grow around here in the dirt dug out of the construction yards. maybe we're just figuring things out and then i'd be like a person where people would say, oh yeah, this person and i'd be like this character in their life they can think of and populate in whatever scenario they imagined themselves in...or maybe that's just kinda silly isn't it?

yeah, like that time...