performans sans grata


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another performance mounts, cue to cue

when no one was around, i thought that all of a sudden, i no longer existed, but instead this contour of a person whose limbs i could move, fingers i can open and close. but in turn, there wasn't anyone for this person to reach out to for all its weight, its stutters. the only part everyone remembers is the one who walked over to those tables with friends, spaced out, went on all those trips, climbed those rooftops. just a regular student and even then, i stare at it all happening like it's in a show somewhere, just waiting for it to come to an end, or some kind of revelation to take place. or maybe i just wanted to somehow get up and join into that show of trips to the mountain with this body and even then, will there be something in it that another could believe in?

up on the roof...