the day of heavenly descent, hong kong has risen again out of the waves of a catastrophic flood. the city surrounded by the seawall, new multinational corporations send their kill-teams to gather data on the new ruins for future development plans. exchanges of gunfire and competition reign in the sand where just in the their glimmer within the endless sunlight, what figures then emerge from the mirages breaking off into static in nv goggles. operators become the new precarious subject. welcome to hong kong, the new desert harbour.

a known project from blue energy group is known as urban-next which is looking to develop new cities adapting to the ruins of the climate disaster. given the culture of hong kong and many buildings preserved under the flood. they hope to get china's approval after they decide what to do with the territory which is currently home to insurgent forces.

kill-teams are not the only guests. bands, profiteers, relief aid workers, and more are looking at this pocket of catastrophe, this supposed end of the world.