some part ways and others may stay without ever meeting the other. sometimes this is the way things are, peering into the crowd and through all those faces bulging out of this sea of motion, i thought i might see you again, a little thought like the electric waves off powerlines wires, reverberating from two ends that never meet. all these lovers, artists, thieves and once children that wander these empty cities shifting yet can’t help but linger as they wait for someone to meet at this plaza.

nowhere else but here

a liminal space love story set in hong kong
two individuals thrown across neon spaces and perhaps unfounded touch for those who are together and yet still searching for that person in these crowded intersections and tablepanes, always between futures and past photographs we might match in distant windows

only a width apart

two who somehow know the other despite their silences, all too prevalent in the crowded parties and wayward affections thrown in desolate parks.

pretense bodies

lured out of my apprehension, searching in a new world of these human secrets both thrilling yet distant that caroused the school halls, who is it that is waiting for me from the crowds.

resurface! our regrets

recursive memory reaching down to why we acted this way, after the late night recreations and play, where did i truly begin.

where the rockets don't go

we always looked up away from our chatter into the boundless sky thinking what new aria shall we find ourselves in, where the infinite blue might propel us towards.

atomized sparrow

impressions like the droplets of rain. toronto subway, the train screeches to recieve commuters and the magic trick of our hands that might produce these objects out of coat lapels and pockets

shapeless midnight

tai po market reflections out of who we were and who we meant to be flash by the glasspanes appearing as only a mere shard of what we hope to be, those hopes we carried to the festivals facing the divine beings.

dream city

the first step